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Young Adults to Seniors

Adults – You don’t have to be in crisis to take advantage of counseling. Maybe you are peaking in career, yet falling apart on the inside.    Are you the person who had a clear vision of  how “it” was going to be and now wonder how you ended up “here”.  Do you have a long list of medical conditions and struggle to find relief?  Discover what is keeping you from being your best.  Sometimes it is as simple as gaining a different perspective or new resources.  Struggling to build the life you hope for?  Running on a treadmill has it’s benefits, but if your life has become a treadmill, you’re going nowhere fast.  Break the cycle.  Use your energy to get where you want to go rather than staying stuck.  Let us take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your life beyond “feelings”.

Who are some of my clients?  Men and women who are struggling with depression and anxiety for sure make up part of my practice.  However, many of my clients manage issues of migraine/headaches, “stress”,  or work/life balance and are recommended by a friend to “get some ideas”.  I often see clients for short term issues who return as needed over time as life presents different challenges.  Parenting, aging parents, family drama, work drama . . . at times it seems there’s no end to the balls we juggle!  Understand what could be keeping you stuck and gain wonderful resources to put into action immediately!