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If you feel that you are barely hanging on at times, it’s  not living – it’s surviving.  Our lives are filled with a growing number of stressors, regardless of age,  often with ineffective coping skills.  Why consider counseling?  To gain insight and strategies; to feel peaceful and capable.  Call it life coaching, course work, therapy, mentoring . . . any term you need to FEEL BETTER.

You don’t have to be in crisis to make positive changes.

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Meet Sarah.

She awoke to daily anxiety and struggle despite a life with many blessings.   It made no sense to her, or to the few friends she confided in.  She was plagued by headaches, brain fog, poor sleep and faltering optimism.  She became less enthused about each day, often hiding her feelings of emptiness.  She had started believing she wasn’t good enough – as a mother, as a wife, as an individual.  Colleagues began to ask more often if she was ok.

She began staying home more than being engaged with others.  A dear friend suggested she “talk to someone”.

Sarah didn’t think things were THAT bad yet also knew things weren’t that GREAT either.

Once she began to talk,  Sarah realized that somewhere along the timeline of her life, she had gotten lost. Sarah learned how to balance needs while discovering her better self.  Her days filled with joy instead of dread.

She learned that “counseling” was a safe place to ponder the different parts of herself without judgement.  She learned strategies to face the ups and downs of daily life, with peacefulness and confidence.  She found a resource to return to when she needed a little boost.

 Connect NOW to develop a relationship so that when life brings a storm, you have a haven to return to.  If “Sarah” is a partner, a child or a friend, support by helping to make an appointment.

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