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Parenting Classes

Forget class, have a parenting party!

parentingWait, did someone say party?  I thought this was a parenting class!  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their close friends, laugh at the reality of our collective parenting challenges (yes, I’m right there with you despite all my knowledge!) and learn a few tricks that can change your home life for the better!  I love teaching parenting classes this way because the atmosphere is casual, we all have fun, and it give you a chance to connect with your friends in a supportive way.  Moms day out, couples on a weekend or evening, the more the merrier!  Learn how to get your kids on board with your vision, in a positive way.  Let me be the parenting manual that never arrived.  It’s also much more cost effective than individual sessions.  You provide the food, drinks, friends and venue (aka home), and I provide the fun, tools and relief from the current level of parenting stress!  The cost is a simple formula of travel time plus session time divided by people.  Plan for 2 hours from arrival to departure.  So simple.  So fun.  Who couldn’t use a little more fun in their lives??