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When you start talking to a therapist, having a sense of trust and connection are essential for success.  We build a relationship based on feeling safe enough to be vulnerable, and from there, your journey begins.  You want someone to help you find relief, regain hope, and leave behind the pain which is no longer serving you.  You need to release the old to make room for the new, but don’t know how.  Whether you are seeking help as an individual / couple or for your child / teen, the process remains the same.  We discuss what you want, what isn’t working and how you’ll know when life is better.  Having confidence in me is more important than reading about my credentials (which are listed in FAQ).  We all have the license, but it takes something unique to create a successful therapeutic experience.  Follow my favorite quote:  “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”  Antoine de Saint Exupery.

Clients tell me they appreciate my holistic, systemic approach, and practical perspective.   You implement changes at your own pace, in your own time, which I honor.  If you like direct, analytical and to the point, I can deliver.  If you need a more nurturing approach, compassion and empathy are genuine.  For some, it takes longer to become vulnerable than others and I follow your lead and your needs.  With years of experience helping people move through symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, relationship issues, parent/child struggles, and low self- worth, I have watched clients face fears because they feel supported, connected and validated.  Change is hard work, and takes commitment.  I value your time, the financial investment you make in yourself, and your trust in me.  Let me show you what it’s like to have hope again.

FTracie Posehnun facts: Vancouver Island, BC, is original home, my children were born in Calgary, Alberta, and we arrived here in 2007 to make Frisco our new home.  I think after ten years, this Canadian has almost settled into a Texan life.  (Yes, where the term Canexas comes from).  I have 2 amazing kids, am wrangler of our Giant Schnoodle,  Gretamonster, and I’m always trying to find time to pursue my love of riding (hunter/jumper). When I’m not working, in school (2/3rds through PhD) or watching kids from the sidelines, I try to get outdoors or travel in lieu of cleaning the house. Visits home mean a lot of ocean time, hiking, fishing, and cooler summer temps!  Despite all of my experience and education, I still face those wonderful life challenges like everyone else, including trying to stay one step ahead of my kids!