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Help With School

Is your child struggling with any aspect of the school environment?

adultsAre your child’s grades tanking, their peer relationships struggling, their motivation to do homework or even go to school declining? Are they suddenly getting into more problems with teachers or peers?   Are you feeling there might be a learning issue or maybe ADHD?  Did you also know that school counselors, although trained in counseling, are not the same as therapists (Licensed Professional Counselor/LPC)?.  School counselors are not allowed to provide therapy to kids, nor are they allowed to refer to any specific therapist.  School counselors can not diagnose anxiety, depression or ADHD.

Teachers and school staff work extremely hard to meet the needs of students.  Parents wanting to get to the bottom of struggles quickly may find using an outside resource a more efficient way of determining what may be causing problems.  With my background in diagnostics, special education and teaching, I can consider all variables and help your child build social or emotional strategies while guiding you in pursuing further testing.   The advantage to having me spend some time with your child is my ability to work collaboratively with the school staff if needed.  Having someone who understands the education system while working to understand your child’s perspective,  ultimately benefits your child in being as successful as possible.  I become  the bridge between your child’s emotional world and academic world, providing skills to help in all environments.