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Help for Adults and Couples


Individuals or couples – you don’t have to be in crisis, severely depressed, or having your life fall apart to take advantage of counseling. Maybe you are peaking in career, living an envious lifestyle, yet falling apart on the inside.  Maybe you are struggling to show excitement at the ability to stay home because you are unfulfilled and more often feel like a failure as both parent and spouse.   Maybe you are the person who had a clear vision of  how “it” was going to be and now wonder how you ended up “here”.  Maybe you get up each day, moving forward, yet have no idea where you are going.  If it’s not the life you want,  make a change.  Find out what is keeping you from being your best.  Sometimes it is as simple as gaining a different perspective.

Sadness, panic, crying, dreading the day ahead; these are more serious signs that your heart is hurting.  Looking back with regret or fearing the future are also signs that it’s time to get balanced again, or maybe for the first time.  Don’t wait for the world to get dark.  If you are getting nudges from within, call or email today.  Reaching out is the start to feeling better.   Depression and Anxiety are signs that you need to do something different.  Take back control.  There is relief.

Struggling to build a life of success and security?  Running on a treadmill has it’s benefits, but if your life has become a treadmill, you’re going nowhere fast.  Break the cycle.  Use your energy to get where you want to go rather than staying stuck.  Career, relationship, life long dream; letting go of defeating habits or behaviors . . . it’s all the same thing.  Discover, address, move forward.  If you can identify the blocks, then you can remove them.  It’s a bit like not being able to see the forest for the trees.  Let me help clear the way for you.  Decide to change and call or email today.