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You want help for yourself or your loved one because you are at a loss for answers.

You’ve been trying, but the issue won’t go away.  No one wants to feel overwhelmed or dreading the day ahead.  Living with symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD or parenting/school challenges is not living – it’s surviving, and impacts both individuals and families. Reach out today to feel supported, understood and hopeful that a solution exists.

At times, you may feel:

  • you have challenges you’ve never asked for
  • hills are turning into mountains
  • your child/teen is suffering and you don’t know how to help
  • everyone wants a piece of you: spouse, kids, job, dog, house
  • giving up is all you have left inside; your spirit has been crushed
  • you don’t know where to turn or how to get out of this dark hole

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Meet Sarah

As mother and wife, she knew she had many blessings.  Her lifestyle allowed for her to stay home with the kids, even though they were at school.  Her days were filled with social and child related activities.  Extended family thought she had the “perfect” life.

Yet Sarah awoke to daily guilty about the anxiety and discontent she felt despite living a life she’d dreamed of. It made no sense to her, or to the few friends she confided in.

She became less enthused about each day and often hid her feelings of emptiness.  She had started believing she wasn’t good enough – as a mother, as a wife, or as an individual.

Sleep and appetite were changing and she began staying home more than being engaged with others.  A dear friend suggested she “talk to someone”.

Sarah didn’t think things were THAT bad, but decided to call.  She knew things weren’t that GREAT either.

Until she began to explore her inner world, Sarah didn’t realize that somewhere along the timeline of her life, she had gotten lost. Sarah learned how to balance the needs of family life and her soul, rediscovering her better self.  Her days filled with joy instead of dread.

Follow Sarah’s lead.  Consider counseling as another aspect of holistic living, cultivating the mind body connection.  Therapy is a safe place to ponder the different parts of yourself without judgement and learning new strategies to face the ups and downs.

Connect NOW to develop a relationship so that when life brings a storm, you have a haven to return to.  If “Sarah” is a partner, a child or a friend, support by helping to make an appointment.

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